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New Beginnings


I have had an accident and because of all that pain I couldn’t go to school full time. Over the course of 4 years I have scrambled 5 certificates together. And Now I have finally gotten a therapy that helps so I can go to school longer than I could, I can do ballet for almost 45 minutes once a week, and I can soon start looking for a small dayjob. This year has been a lifechanging one and I hope for more progress. This picture is of when I got my 5th certificate after a long struggle this past year.

Please stop. The tears aren’t rolling down your face because you’ve been through much more. Compared to that pain this is nothing. Listen to your body, it’s happy, don’t let your mind think it’s not. Listen to your muscles, they are relaxed. Listen to the wind it will guide you home. Listen to the rain, let it wash your worríes and fears away. Look at the sun, it will shine on all the dark places of your heart and light them up. Listen to the water, it’s not bothered by anything. Look at the stars, you can’t see them without the darkness. Look at the way your loved ones smile, so much joy, no worries. And in that moment the world is fine. You’re okay, no one’s dying, no one’s ill, it’s all good. Don’t worry, it’s not natural. Even with all your losses, there’s so much to be grateful for. You’re here, god has a plan for you, you’re alive, you’re okay. Breathe.