Today a man in a wheelchair was sat on the street outside of a shop. I waited outside the shop to get some air, when the church bells chimed. And he was sitting there in the sun, whistling along to the sounds, he was smoking a ciggarette. He had his sunglasses on and I noticed he didn’t wear shoes because his ankles were too swollen. And I couldn’t help but smile and feel such joy, because he seemed to know the secret to life. He looked like he had it all figured out. And just maybe he doesn’t, maybe he hates life, I would be angry if I were in a wheelchair and couldn’t wear shoes. But I don’t think so, he wouldn’t have whistled and seemed so joyeus. And it makes me look at the things I have, I can fit shoes round my ankles, I can hear the same chimes he does and I have feet and legs that do what I tell them. If he can find joy, I can . And I did today, even just by looking at him. Today was a good day.


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